2008 NCA Convention Fun
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Constables and Marshals gathered in a town located on the banks of the mighty Mississippi River in a city called Baton Rouge, State Capital of Louisiana.  Entering into this great city you would see billboard signs along the major highways with a welcome message for the constables and marshals of the the National Constable Association.  Upon arriving at the Sheraton Convention Center you were welcomed by a special group of deputies from the Baton Rouge Constables Office.  This was certainly an amazing hotel and location for our gathering.

Constable Reginald R. Brown, Convention Chairman Marc Tabor and the entire staff of the Baton Rouge Constables Office had everything planned for another great convention and awards banquet.  I can tell you now no one went hungry.  The food was plentiful and the training excellent with some of the nations best instructors. After a couple of days in the class room everyone was ready for a full day at the range with the Baton Rouge Sheriffs Office and Glock Firearms.  What a surprise when everyone was transported to the Baton Rouge City Court and fed a southern style seafood dinner.  But the surprise was to come after the dinner as we didn't Know that the court was on top of the City Jail in which we would all be taken down stairs and locked up with our mug shots taken to be given to us later during the convention.  Everyone was glad that Constable Brown arrived to order us released.

  Constable Leo M Bullock, III Baton Rouge City Jail is certainly not the place that I wanted to stay overnight and not be able to attend the rest of the National Constable Convention.  I will say that this was certainly an unexpected experience.  Presenting my identification and badge didn't get me any special privilege.  The docket staff and other personel did provide me with the same treatment as any other inmates, prints and a picture.  Just remember if you're ever in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, don't forget the name Reginald R. Brown.  That's the guy that can get you out!

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  The DARE Team Marc Tabor and his DARE Team work in 32 different schools in the City of Baton Rouge, LA.  All the DARE Officers have to be certified.

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  Edit a custom page for your Web site: Now it was time for some Louisiana Style Fun.  Constable Marc Tabor get everyone up for what I remember was called the "UmBrella" Dance.  I can't recall anyone sitting down for this dance.  It was just fun and a lot of good let the good times roll. 

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