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Special Operations Group (SOG) Mobile County Constable Office
Working on information and the arrest of a subject Constables of Mobile County under the direction of Operations Officer Leo M. Bullock, III and SOG Team Leader James Harless and team members discover, remove and destroy over $200.000 in marijuana plants.  Most of the mature plants ranged in size of 6 foot to 8 foot in height.

Description of Product
This is one of two locations in which plants were brought by team members of the Special Operations Group (SOG).  Local news media arrived later for a report on the operations.  Constable Ray Jones was one of the lfield supervisors that removed the devices that were found to cause harm to anyone entering the area.  One of the most common devices found were trebbile hooks on monifiliment line that could catch you and cause some serious injury or loss of eye sight.
Constable Ray Jones
After clearing the fields of any possible devices Constable Ray Jones shows fellow team members the path to travel to pulll and remove the marijuana plants.  This operation turned into a full day of hot and hard work.  Other constables assisted in securing the area and helping with communications.  Everyone working on this detail did a good job and we were pleased to keep this product from ever hitting the streets of our community.
Constable Bullock Locates Bank Safe
Working on some information that someone had thrown something off a bridge Constables LeoBullock, Royce Duke and William Darnell start a search on the river bank underneath a bridge in north Mobile County. 
Bank Safe Found
Constable Royce Duke with the assistance of the wrecker driver hook up to the discovered safe.  The safe was found with the door burned open and most of the contents had been removed.  Other local agencies were notified as well as the F.B.I.  Further search of the river bottom showed it to be a regular dump off site for mostly junk.

Constables Royce Duke - Henry Ganey
Two constables always ready to respond to whatever the situation.  Many long hours of hard work helping make the streets of our community safe and protecting the citizens.  We all worked in the same office and always was on top of something day after day.  Both of my partners or deceased now and I often think that it's because they gave so much of themselves to help others even when they should of been getting some rest and relaxation.  It was an honor to have had the privilege to have worked with the both of them everyday.  Two great Constables!
Units of the Mobile Constable Office in response
Units of the Mobile Constables Office respond to an armed suspect at a local high school.  The constable units were the first agency to arrive at the county high school.  
Range & Firearms Instruction
All members of Special Operations Group (SOG) required to actively attend firearms instruction and shooting.  Instructors helped keep everyone informed and familar with the different firearms team members would be working with and improved overall shooting skills.
Traffic - Crowd Control - Special Events
Command Constable Leo Bullock checks with Constable Jamie Logan during Mardi Gras Day in downtown Mobile, AL.  Crowd expected in town to surpass 135,000 people.  Local constables have always worked in a joint effort with the local police and sheriffs office to facilitate a safe Mardi Gra event.

Funeral & Honor Gaurd
Pictured:  Constables Leo Bullock, Louis Blackwell and Olan Hollingshead.

Strong Community Relaitons Important
Constable Leo Bullock always aware of the importance of community relations with other agencies within the jurisdiction of the local constable.  Pictured with Mobile Police Chief Harold Johnson, Bullock alwaws maintained a close working relationship and understanding with the chief.  This was always good for everyone.  It was a privilege and learning experience to work with an individual with his background and knowledge.  Just a great guy that brought a lot of change to the police department and made many imporvements in our community.